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Data Migration and Integration

Common jobs include integrating data from an external source or migrating data. Data migrations and integrations may be completed in a number of ways, including by using the Salesforce Dataloader or by developing bespoke solutions.

Developers may display their custom-built applications that handle several data management and integration tasks on Salesforce’s AppExchange. We can create a custom solution if a prepackaged application won’t satisfy your needs.

Integrate Salesforce with Current App Data

Salesforce has the ability to interact with many other platforms because it is an open source platform. It is simple to integrate Salesforce with other endpoints, such as applications or enterprise integration hubs, because it employs industry standard REST and SOAP to transfer data from an external source to Salesforce.

Our method starts with a data modelling analysis to identify how the data from an external database will fit into your Salesforce organisation, whether we’re moving data or integrating to another platform. After that, we assist with changing your data to conform to Salesforce’s specifications at the source.

  • Data from Spreadsheets Upload
  • Install applications from other parties
  • Partners in the Salesforce Ecosystem
  • Transfer Data to Salesforce from Other CRMs
  • Direct System Integration with External Systems

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