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We provide a wide range of services, including dedicated resources and project-based services. There are never two identical Salesforce instances. We are able to provide the ideal solutions to satisfy your company needs thanks to our knowledge in Salesforce.

Project Based

Project-based work is a classic kind of consulting where we estimate a project and you pay for a certain amount of hours to complete the project’s needs. Rates for projects start at $95 per hour.

Resource as Required

The As Needed resource is based on an unstructured PSA in which you just deliver us work as it is received. You established a maximum budget, thus it is our responsibility to provide project estimates that could go over the budget or complete the task within the budget constraints. Most enquiries get a response from us within a day. No deposits or minimum work hours are needed. Rates are dependent on projects.

A Specialized Resource

When you reserve time for a consultant with a set minimum number of hours, you are using a dedicated resource. We provide a discounted pricing from the aforementioned project-based hours in exchange for the guarantee. We provide two categories of devoted resources:

Specific hours of operation

The most frequent form of dedicated resource is one that is set aside to function during particular times. The time period of your choice determines their working hours. For instance, if you purchase a minimum of 40 hours a week during your regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 9 to 5, they will be available and prepared to work during that time. Like any employee, they must be accessible on demand during specified hours and only work on your account.

Costs for Dedicated Resources – Particular Tasks Hours depend on the time zone in where the task is being done. Hourly fees range from $35 to $45 per hour. The ultimate price is determined by the time of day that we must provide services since it corresponds to

NOTE: Time and materials apply to all service offerings. For any project, we do not presently provide set bid pricing.

Period of time

You can buy a block of time that can be used for any job, project, or list of tasks that you create, as long as they are completed during the consultant’s preferred time slot. The benefit of this choice is that it keeps costs down because service hours are flexible. The resource is committed to working only on your account and to sticking to the timelines and budgets established for your assignments and projects.

NOTE: Time and materials apply to all service offerings. For any project, we do not presently provide set bid pricing.

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